Didactic staff - Structures

Katowicka 48
45-061 Opole
Phone: +48 77 449 8544
e-mail: katkbi@po.opole.pl


    Secretariat of the Di­dac­tic staff "Struc­tures"

    The subject matter of research work:
    • analytical and numerical solutions to statics, stability and dynamics of shell structures (cooling towers, industrial chimneys, tanks),
    • computational models in shaping and dimensioning building and engineering structures,
    • numerical and experimental methods for determining temperature load of shell structures,
    • reconstruction and reinforcement of reinforced concrete constructions,
    • load capacity of metal structural elements taking plastic reserve into consideration,
    • computer – aided engineering computations and the process of structural design,
    • methodology for experimental testing on structures in a full scale.

    Research workers participate in work of the following scientific and professional institutions: The Central Board of the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Roman Jankowiak), Divisions of the Committee of Civil Engineering in the Polish Academy of Sciences. Two national course books were prepared in this Department: The Basics of Designing Metal Constructions (1 st Ed. TiT Opole, 1992; 2 nd Ed. Arkady, Warsaw, 1998) and Designing of Crane Tracks and Telphers (Ed. TiT Opole, 1997).

    The Department renders the following services:
    • strength and structural analyses of building and industrial structures,
    • evaluation of technical conditions of building engineering and industrial building,
    • building expert’s duties,
    • diagnostics, expert’s, opinion and building designs,
    • experimental testing on structures in a full scale,
    • software and training in computer technology,
    • estimation of market values of industrial Structures,
    • building monitoring within the scope of changes of temperature influenced by climate and operational effects in building structures and compartments (industrial chimneys, cooling towers, bridges, tanks, silos, buildings),
    • stability and load capacity of solid frames of rooms with variable cross-sections of columns and spandrel beams along their lengths,
    • stability and load capacity of cold-bended, thin-walled roof purlins and wall spandrel beams,
    • experimental evaluations of stability and load capacity of steel and reinforced concrete beams,
    • static tensile and compression test of steel elements,
    • strain tests of structural components carried out by means of extensometer methods.

    The Department of Building and Engineering Structures cooperates with the Ukrainian Research Institute of the Szymanowski Design-Steel-Construction, Inc. Comp. from Kiev, Ukraine.

    Emeritus Reinhold Kałuża is a winner of the Prof. Bryła Prize. Roman Jankowiak is a two-time winner of the 2 nd Degree State Award (1984, 1986).