Basic information about Faculty

As early as in the academic year 1973/1974, Faculty of Civil Engineering was granted the right to confer a degree of Master of Science on its graduates. In March 1975 the authorities of Higher School of Engineering brought into existence three institutes - with rights equal to those of a faculty - one of which was Institute of Civil Engineering. Nevertheless, in the academic year 1991/1992, the structure of faculties was restored with Faculty of Civil Engineering to have been brought back to life again. Currently the Faculty employs 6 full professors, 10 habilitated doctors (associate professors) holding the positions of professors extraordinary, 21 assistant professors (readers), 19 assistants, one senior lecturer, and two lecturers.

Scientific research conducted at Faculty of Civil Engineering includes such unique and vital issues as: mechanics of building structures, seismic and wind engineering, thermal affects on building structures, fire resistance of building structures, thermomechanics, interaction of building structures with subsoil, contemporary issues of building structures physics, building materials engineering in the field of composite materials based on cement and gypsum binding agents, and utilization of industrial waste materials in building materials industry.

The research workers of the Faculty have proved to have significant potential of scientific research, which enables them to conduct research within the fields mentioned above at highest possible standards. This has been confirmed by their achievements recognised both nationwide and worldwide, their active participation in numerous domestic and foreign scientific conferences as well as their scientific output represented by a plentiful supply of domestic and foreign publications. As far as scientific research is concerned, Faculty of Civil Engineering collaborates with a number of technical universities from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Italy, and Ukraine. The researchers conduct extensive joint research work in partnership with their colleagues from Milan, Vienna, Stuttgart, Dresden, Bochum, Lvov, Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and Bratislava. The outcome of this collaboration is a wide range of joint seminars and scientific publications.

In 1981 Faculty of Civil Engineering was granted the right to confer a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Science. Since that time, the Faculty has promoted 16 PhDs and another five PhD courses are being carried into execution at the moment. In the academic year 1998/1999 the Faculty brought into existence PhD research studies - in collaboration with Faculty of Civil Engineering of Technical University of Krakow.